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Influencer Marketing Guide

The best way to start earning commission is to post your referral link anywhere people are hanging out online. This includes your Blog, Youtube, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, etc.

Please keep in mind that your referrals have 30 days to make a purchase. As long as someone you referred makes a purchase with in 30 days of clicking your referral link you will receive a commission.


Get Started as a Beginner

  • If your audience is on Instagram or Twitter add your referral link to your bio. Make a post showing off the product with a message to click the link in your bio to purchase.
  • If you are YouTuber you can order some items on Hat Drip and make an unboxing video with your referral link in the video description. Email us a link to your unboxing video to receive a full refund on your purchase. 
  • If you would like to promote on  Facebook you should include your referral link in a post about the products. Also, share the post to some active groups on Facebook so more people have a chance to see it.
  • Promote on Pinterest by creating a board and post images of all your favorite dad hats. Be sure to add your referral link to each image so you can earn commission has your Pinterest account grows.
  • Promote on Reddit by sharing your referral link with images on an appropriate subreddit. You can also boost views on your Youtube videos by sharing them to appropriate subreddits.
  • Email your Contact List using your referral link to recommend your favorite products to your friends.
  • If you have your own website you may earn commission by adding approved creatives to your site. The approved content can be downloaded on the affiliate dashboard. If you would like to use your own creatives please email us to submit them for approval. 


Fast Track for Beginners

A lot of our partners are getting great results by posting in the Youtube comments section. This method will work regardless of your audience size.

Post a comment including your referral link on popular youtube videos. Do this enough times and you will have new people clicking on your referral link daily. Some of our top influencers earn $300-$500 weekly in commission using this method.

Affiliate Sign-up 

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Advanced Methods

Automation - Coming Soon

Paid Advertising - Coming Soon


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